About The Oak Witch

Hi, my name is Ariana Carrasca, or you can call me Ari. I started a magical and pagan journey from a young age, with my mother raising me into the craft. Now in my 20s, I rest comfortable as an English folk witch and Brittonic polytheist.

Having been on a magical path for just over a decade, I decided to start making educational witchcraft and paganism content on YouTube under the channel “The Oak Witch”, aiming to help not just beginners, but any magical practitioners at any stage in their journey. My non-magical outside-of-the-internet background is in ecology, having a MSc in wildlife conservation. This bleeds into my craft and education, where I discuss topics such as how to be more environmentally friendly and eco-conscious in one’s magical practice. Also, as I specialise in English folk magic in my own personal path, I frequently discuss this perspective on my channel.

Through this Oak journey, I’ve created communities such as my Discord server and Patreon, where practitioners of all experience levels come together to learn with each other and share their experiences of magic. I further expanded my teaching into personal writing projects, and write beginner-oriented witchcraft and pagan articles in places such as here and for the Pagan Dawn magazine.