Beginner Witchcraft and Paganism Research Resources

What is often said is that being a magical practitioner or a pagan requires a lot of research and that’ll you be an eternal student. Both of these things tend to be true, but what’s worth noting is that any magical or pagan journey takes time to figure things out out and everyone grows at their own pace. Research as well as experience are both invaluable in helping the magician, the witch or pagan understand oneself.

Here is a WIP list of some general resources that I believe may help steer the beginner in the right direction. Of course it all depends on your particular interests, but this aims to be simple starting point. I also have a beginner witch resources and guide document if you wanted to check that out for more detailed advice and tips. If anybody has any queries about this resource list, please feel free to contact me.

Encyclopaedic Websites:

Free Legal Occult Books:

Online Collections


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