English Folk Magic

  • Pagan and Christian Syncretism in English Folk Magic

    In many systems and cultural traditions of folk magic, there are themes of Christianity found in the core structure of the practice. Within the spells, charms or incantations recorded in folklore, old cunning folk practices or witch trial records, we see the use of Psalms, Divine names for example – something which I outlined in…

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  • Written Charms in English Folk Magic

    The practice of folk magic in the British Isles is vast and rich, with each country having such diverse and culturally nuanced customs. The magical history of England encompasses a large variety of sources to gather insight from, but one main example is looking to the cunning folk and their practices we have records of.…

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  • Popular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History by Owen Davies

    Much of modern English folk magical practice or folk and traditional witchcraft is rooted in the practices of the historical cunning folk of England. The cunning folk were folk medicinal and magical practitioners who were employed for services such as healing, finding lost goods, divination and fortune-telling, for matters of love, communicating with the dead,…

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